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Leicester are continuing to work to overturn

Leicester are continuing to work to overturn Fut 19 Coins decision.“We are still trying to finalise it, it is still up in the air,” said Shakespeare. “It is important to keep a level head. In truth, I don’t understand it all. You identify the players then you leave the other bits to the legal people.“I would love the player to be in with us. We need to let those concerned carry on with it

Hopefully when I am told the player is ours and he can train with us, we will welcome him with open arms.”While it appears to be a legal minefield at the Leicester end, Sporting appear confident the situation is much more clear cut and they are expecting an initial payment for Silva.

In view of the recent news, it is further informed and clarified that the definitive transfer of the sports and economic rights of the professional football player Adrien Silva to Leicester FC is concluded,” the Portuguese club said in an official statement on Friday morning.

Finally, it should also be clarified that the delay of the player’s registration in favour of Leicester FC will have no impact on the financial conditions described above, except for a delay in time of receipts resulting from the variable amount associated with the player’s performance.” Reuters Sports News Summary | Daily Mail Online.
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